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"...there is great increase with the strength of the Ox!"

Proverbs 14:4


Just go back to your life and we'll deal with all the hard stuff, and keep you updated along the way!

We File The Claim

Already filed the claim? No problem. If you haven't, we'll handle everything, including filing the claim.

We Perform All Damage Inspections

We make sure all claim related damages are documented accurately.

We Handle All Phone Calls

No need to be stressed out by dealing with the insurance company. We do it for you!

We Meet With All Carrier Adjusters

No more stressful encounters with the insurance adjuster. We'll be there for all adjuster meetings to free you up.

We Show Them Covered Damages

Most under-paid claims are because claim related damages are missed. With our experience, we find it!

We Create All Necessary Estimates

We'll provide the insurance company with a thorough and accurate estimate of all that you are claiming.

We Negotiate The Claim

Our objective is getting the carrier to pay everything they owe for your claim.

We Recommend Contractors

When we can, we will recommend contractors in your area that we know.

We Help You All The Way

Like we said, we'll handle the whole claims process of dealing with your carrier, and we'll be there to the end.

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"How much does Fat Ox Charge?"

Our fee is a percentage of the funds received. We charge you nothing up-front or out-of-pocket. When the claim is a result of a government declared catastrophe we charge 10% of the total claim. Otherwise, when we file the claim we charge 15% of the total claim. When a claim has already been filed and the carrier has already approved some coverage, we charge 20%-25% of the increase.

Gov. Declared Catastrophe

10% of Total Claim

For claims during a catastrophic event

Standard Claim

15% of Total Claim

For claims that we file

Previously Filed Claim

20%-25% of Increase

For claims already filed

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"Fat Ox helped me get the repairs that were needed.

I have already recommended them to my friends and family."



"Worked really hard with my insurance company to get us a fair pay out for our claim. I highly recommend you use Fat Ox Public Adjusters."



"Great experience using the (Fat) Ox adjuster services. Everything went as described in the consultation."



"Fat Ox provides great service and has excellent customer service support!!"



"The ease with which they navigated the insurance red tape was convincing. I will always refer future projects to Fat Ox."



"They represented me well and was able to be a spokesman for me. If I had to do it again I wouldn't hesitate."



"Handled everything with Ins. co. and was able to get me a great settlement. Would not hesitate to use again or to recommend!"



"Very reliable and they work for you! Highly recommend."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)...

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"If I hire my own adjuster do I have to pay them?

Yes, you pay Fat Ox a small percentage (10%-25%) off the top of the claim settlement, HOWEVER, even after our fee there is almost always WAY more left over than there would have been if we were not involved. You'd likely lose money without a PA.

"If my claim gets denied, how much does Fat Ox charge me?"

Nothing. Zero. Nada. We ONLY get paid as a small percentage of what the insurance company pays for the claim. Therefore, if we are not able to get you paid from your insurance company, then we do not get paid either.

"By the time I pay Fat Ox, will I have enough money left over for my repairs?"

As mentioned above, you almost always have more money than if you had not hired Fat Ox. In most cases Fat Ox has the insurance company pay for much more covered items of repair than a typical insurance company adjuster alone.

"How do I file an insurance claim?"

Simple! Call Fat Ox and we file the claim, as well as handle every other part of dealing with the insurance company! You can be as much or as little involved as you'd like to be. Call Fat Ox first and we do it all for you!

"Are Fat Ox Adjusters as knowledgeable and experienced as the insurance company adjusters?"

Most Fat Ox Adjusters were once insurance company adjusters and/or construction contractors. It is because of our knowledge of construction that we are able to show the insurance company many more items that need to be paid for, resulting in much higher settlements.

"Can my Insurance Company contact me after I sign with Fat Ox?"

Once you are a Fat Ox client, you no longer have to deal with all the stress and headache, and going back-and-forth with the carrier. They must call us in order to discuss the claim. However, you can ALWAYS contact them whenever you like.

"What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?"

A Public Adjuster simple means we work for the general public and NOT for the insurance company. This term is interchangeable with a Private Insurance Adjuster. Ironically, both Private Adjuster and Public Adjuster mean the same thing, that we work for the interests of the property owner.

"Can Fat Ox help me with a past claim I've had?"

Absolutely! (Well, possibly) Depending on how long ago the prior claim took place, Fat Ox can review it and let you know if the insurance company still owes you money, then we can re-open it and request additional funds.

"What is the point of hiring a Public Adjuster?"

It's obvious the insurance company adjuster has the insurance company's best interest in mind. Fat Ox does not work for the insurance company and does not try to save them money. We only care about the property owner and helping them get enough money to do all their repairs properly.

"Does Fat Ox also do the construction work?"

No. While Fat Ox is also a licensed General Contracting firm, we primarily only build new construction projects. However, if you need a contractor we will refer you to one of our referral partner contractors in your area.

"How much does Fat Ox Charge?"

Our fee is a percentage of the funds received. We charge you nothing up-front or out-of-pocket. When the claim is a result of a government declared catastrophe we charge 10% of the total claim. Otherwise, when we file the claim we charge 15% of the total claim. When a claim has already been filed and the carrier has already approved some coverage, we charge 20%-25% of the increase.

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I have a property claim and the insurance company is going to send someone to tell how much the claim is worth? And that's the same company that will have to pay for it? Uh... I don't think so! At Fat Ox, we work for you, not the insurance company. Which means we are not trying to save the insurance company money! We make sure the value of your claim includes ALL costs and expenses to put your property completely back to pre-claim or better condition. Yes, you have to pay us, but even after our fee you will still have WAY more left over than you would have had without us!

For example: If your insurance company is offering you $60,000, would you rather have 100% of a $60,000 settlement, or 85% of a $100,000 settlement?

Call Fat Ox first and we'll take care of you throughout the whole claim" - Big Van (Host of "#AskBigVan Show", #AskTheOx Show", and founder of Fat Ox, Inc)

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